Today´s cars are fast, powerful, but also comfortable and look excellent. However, situations when these aspects are not important, can occur – traffic accidents. It is said that accident is not coincidence. Nevertheless, no matter how it is, it is better to be ready.

We are entering the world of passive safety, mainly thanks to airbag systems. This invention dates back to the fifties of the last century and since that time it underwent a significant change.

Together with our customers we participate in development, testing and production of airbag components. Our main customers are worldwide leaders in this branch of industry, Autoliv and TRW.

Airbags equipped with our components are installed in millions of cars produced around the globe. Be sure that just your car is with high probability equipped with airbag composed from components produced in our company.

Our innovation is the production of the so-called deep draw stamping steel components. This technology conceals in itself a huge know-how and possibilities for improvement of these production processes. We take part in cooperation with universities in improvement of production processes. Results of this activity are more complex and quality components for your automobiles.


Video: Deep Draw Stamping